System Service at ARD-aktuell in Hamburg

Hamburg, 01. August 2009
For the next three years AVC takes over the system service at ARD-Aktuell in Hamburg.

The scope of information ARD demands highly efficient systems and capable editorial staff. The System Service builds the link between editorial staff and the broadcast or IT systems respectively. Around the clock AVC takes care of studios, premises for direction and editing for ARD-Aktuell and secures thus the smooth running of the "Tagesschau" the most important and best attended news programs in Germany.

Furthermore, the System Service guarantees the smooth running of live shows for the editors of Tagesthemen, Nachtmagazin, the news channel Eins Extra-Aktuell. Our systems engineers eliminate technical faults or problems directly, or they coordinate this with the relevant departments of the NDR.

With this job of ARD-Aktuell System Service AVC proves highest reliability and excellent quality in the areas of broadcast and IT. This service as well as the service for the ARD-Morgenmagazin is the second reference project for the system service of a production technique network for live broadcasting in Germany.