Welcome to the Clear-Com Online Repair Service Booking System
Attention: This page has been revised. If you have any questions whilst using the online booking system, please contact us: +49 40 853999 700.

There are 6 easy steps you will need to complete to arrange for a faulty unit to be returned for repair. Once completed, you will be able to track the repairs and see the return despatch date to help you plan your business. If the faulty unit is not registered on the system, or has not been received by us, or not been returned to you, please contact us here, by email.

Upon receipt of your equipment, we will typically expect to repair and return it to you within 10 days if it is within warranty. If your equipment is not covered by warranty, or included on our price list, we expect to repair and return it to you within 15 days of your acceptance of our repair estimate. Repair response times may be longer for equipment that is obsolete. You can check our website at any time to check the progress of your repair.

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