Merger information AVC Service GmbH into Sertronics GmbH

Hamburg, 01. August 2016

Dear Madams and Sirs,

AVC Audio-Video-Communication Service GmbH and Sertronics GmbH are pleased to announce a merger, which will take effect on August 1, 2016 to form Sertronics GmbH.

AVC Audio-Video-Communication Service GmbH and Sertronics GmbH have been members of the Sertronics Group for about 10 years. During this period both companies expanded a close and successful partnership in the area of consumer and industry services. Since Sertronics GmbH fully acquired AVC Audio-Video-Communication Service GmbH in December 2015, this merge is the next step of the Sertronics Group strategy.

Because there won't be a change in the shareholder structure and the management board, the merge results in a modification of AVC's name without any significant operational changes.

For all of our valued customers and partners we will continue our services on the usual high quality level without any changes in the communication processes and key accountants.

Please find more details about our new bank account in the attachment.

Raspberry Pi

Berlin, March 2013
The very small and powerful single-board computer is now available at AVC. You will find further information and details at our ebay shop. Please do not hesitate to contact us on any question.

Accu Pack Faulty?

Berlin, April 2012
No matter whether old battery packs shall receive professional renewal of cells, or special developments according to your specification, or the sale of new batteries, AVC is always a reliable partner.

With the economic cell renewal of used battery packs you will receive often more efficient cells with higher capacity, and you will save up to 60 % compared to the new price, and besides you act environmentally friendly.

AVC is the green and favourable alternative. Give us the chance of a test.

Hamburg Open Exhibition 2012

Hamburg, January 2012

We should like to thank our many visitors to our Hamburg Open 2012, the TV and Media Meeting, on the premises of Studio Hamburg.

Comprehensive and interesting information you will find at:

Newsletter 10/2011 - 20 Years AVC

Hamburg, 01. October 2011

Dear Business Partners, Customers and Friends of AVC,

Exactly twenty years ago, at 1th October 1991, AVC has been established in Hamburg. A small team of 15 staff member started with what is still true of AVC: high quality service for audio-, video- and communication products with utmost flexibility, reliability, and fulfilment of customers wishes.

At the beginning AVC concentrated mainly on product service for the consumer market and for specialized shops. The professional product range followed soon so that the employees of AVC become already early acquainted with professional media techniques. Affiliated branches were established - amongst others in Hanover, Berlin and Munich - so that we could offer our services nearly all over.

Meanwhile AVC with more than 140 employees has become a household name in the IT-, broadcast- and consumer market also beyond Germany's frontiers. At present AVC executes more than 80,000 service repairs per year, commissioned more than 120 studios and outside broadcast vehicles. And an average of 30 of our experts is continuously employed on-site for our international clientele.

Companies like Apple, Amazon, Canon, Clear-Com. Fuji, Grass Valley, Manfrotto, Panasonic, Satchler, Sony, Sony-Vaio, Vinten, Angenieux and many others entrust us with their equipment and ambitious projects like the commissioning of a TV studio in Nigeria are challenges met by our highly motivated team. The media scene has become more demanding, more complex and global - AVC has grown accordingly.

That makes us proud and after twenty years of it we show a successful balance. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners and customers for the confidence placed in us.

Your AVC Service Team.

Partner for Repairs of Products of Manfrotto Distribution GmbH since J

Berlin, 03. January 2011
Increased cooperation: AVC becomes partner for repairs of Manfrotto Distribution GmbH products.

Since 2011 repairs and spare part services for Manfrotto Distribution GmbH are handled by AVC. Thus AVC becomes "Authorized Service Center" of Manfrotto Distribution.

Manfrotto Distribution GmbH chose AVC for this cooperation because of the longstanding experience with our company as a reliable and competent partner for repairs and services for their products.

Our company in Berlin is specialized on repairs of tripods and lenses, it can be reached under the following address (see AVC Locations).

Akku-Service in Berlin

Berlin, January 2011
Take-over of the company Akku Service Irion in the Berlin branch.

According to the company owner, Mr. Irion, the reliability and long experience of AVC, gained in years of professional repairing in a wide field, were decisive factors for this transfer.

Why should battery packs repaired?
  • Improved efficieny of the batteries
  • Favourable alternative to buying new packs
  • AVC grants a 12 months guarantee on renewed cells.
  • Ecologically desireable.

What comprises the battery services?
AVC exchanges the used cells of the old packs, checks the electronic components and closes the casing for further use. The refurbished battery packs are being checked and offered with a relevant guarantee.

What comprises the charger service?
AVC repairs the faulty chargers and adjusts these optimally to the batteries. Thus batteries are protected and can be used longer.

System Service at ARD-aktuell in Hamburg

Hamburg, 01. August 2009
For the next three years AVC takes over the system service at ARD-Aktuell in Hamburg.

The scope of information ARD demands highly efficient systems and capable editorial staff. The System Service builds the link between editorial staff and the broadcast or IT systems respectively. Around the clock AVC takes care of studios, premises for direction and editing for ARD-Aktuell and secures thus the smooth running of the "Tagesschau" the most important and best attended news programs in Germany.

Furthermore, the System Service guarantees the smooth running of live shows for the editors of Tagesthemen, Nachtmagazin, the news channel Eins Extra-Aktuell. Our systems engineers eliminate technical faults or problems directly, or they coordinate this with the relevant departments of the NDR.

With this job of ARD-Aktuell System Service AVC proves highest reliability and excellent quality in the areas of broadcast and IT. This service as well as the service for the ARD-Morgenmagazin is the second reference project for the system service of a production technique network for live broadcasting in Germany.

P+S Technik Authorized Service Centre

Berlin, January 2008
AVC extends its competence in the broadcast service and becomes Authorized Service Centre for P+S Technique.

P+S Technik is known as manufacturer of cine equipments of high value. In the Berlin branch of AVC image converters of P+S Technik are maintained, repaired and modified since January 2008. This service offer fits in with the already established areas of objective, tripod and broadcast service.

AVC investment in the future

Berlin, January 2008
In the area of HD objectives AVC invests in the future. As of now we offer complete services for maintenance and repairs of the HD objectives for the manufacturers Angenieux, Canon and Fujinon.

This investment of approx. € 70,000 in HD technique enables us to solve all service problems of our customers in continued high quality also in future.

In case of questions our Service Manager is at your disposal:
Mr. Wolfgang Schicketanz
Tel.: +49-30-6781788-31

Online Service Booking

April 2003
AVC offers you the possibility to register your faulty unit online for repair. Furthermore you can use our Online Repair Information to keep informed about the status of the repair process.