Professional Product Service Repair Service for Video- and Audio Mixer
The AVC Broadcast Service guarantees you that specialists execute regular maintenance, modification and repairs of your products in close coordination with the manufacturer of your equipment. Your system will be continuously technically up-to-date and small problems are eliminated as soon as they occur. Excellent technical instruments are available for effective tracing of faults.

As a manufacturer or distributor you concentrate on sales and we offer the related maintenance support to prolongate the usability on your products. Broadcast suppliers like Sony, Panasonic, GrassValley, Sachtler, Vinten, Clear-Com or Manfrotto have put their trust in us.
  • Sony: Recorder, Cameras, TV Screens, Audio- and Videomixer, Professional Audio
  • Panasonic: DVC-Pro, D5, D3, Plasma-Displays, Astrovision, Monitors
  • Thomson GV: Cameras, Mixer, VTR, Profile, Vibrint, Telecine
  • Drake, Barco, Datatek, Studer, Neumann, Bel, P+S und many more!

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Burkhardt Schendel
Burkhardt Schendel