Clear-Com Intercom Support - Worldwide Clear-Com V-Panel Repair Service Freespeak DECT Calibration
Communication Systems located in production areas need to have a hundred percentage relability. The director has to be in a position to give his instructions any time to the studio colleagues. AVC has made this demand its definite aim and services thus meanwhile several hundred of TV studios, radio stations or air traffic control centers worldwide. Incidentally, since 2003 AVC is the General Support Centre for the manufacturer Clear-Com in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). We offer:
  • On-site Commissonings
  • Analysis of Faults in the System
  • 24x7 Telephone Support
  • Warranty Repair Service for Clear-Com
  • Online Repair Booking and Tracking
  • Spare-part Support for Drake Products world wide
  • Repair Service for all Drake, Clear-Com and HME Products

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