Professional Accu Pack Refurbishing Repair Service According to Your Needs Modern Accu Measuring Stations
Environmentally-friendly cell renewal of your accu packs is the 'green' and cost-effective alternative to new acquisitions. Accu packs of Black & Decker, Bosch, Hilti, Metabo, Festool, Makita, Panasonic and many more can be overhauled without problem and at low cost.

How is the renewal of accus done?
First of all the accu pack is checked on PC controlled measuring instrument. The casing of the faulty accu pack is opened, the old cells removed and substituted by new ones. For this purpose, the new accu pack is made with a special spot welding machine and put into the casing. After a final functioning control the casing is closed again and sealed. Through this process an electrically new and often more effective accu pack is produced.

Test our accu service, and you can spare the environment and your purse.

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